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New PC Set-Up in East Amherst, NY

Custom Built PC in Amherst, NY on Sale Now

We do our utmost in PC repair, but sometimes the damage is too extensive. You may need a new computer, DRM and Associates offers sales of refurbished laptops and your own custom built PC in Amherst, NY. We will match you with a computer that fits your needs.

Personal Computing

Whether you use it for work, school or entertainment, you want a computer that is durable and functional. You may even want one that is specially constructed for your specific computing needs. If that is the case, our technicians can build a custom PC tailored to your needs.

Many people have fast-paced lifestyles today, and they need a computer that can go where they go. If you prefer something that is more functional than a tablet, we provide refurbished laptops. These computers are previously owned, but are updated and tested to run like new again at a fraction of a new laptop price.

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