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On-Site PC Service in Amherst, NY

You paid a lot of money for your PC or laptop, so when it needs to be repaired, you want the work done by skilled professionals. At DRM and Associates, we are knowledgeable with all aspects of our on-site PC service in Amherst, NY. We quickly identify the problem and work efficiently to restore your computer in a timely manner. Choose us for first-rate on-site and mobile PC repair in Northern Erie County, New York.

On-Site PC Service

Save time and effort with our on-site PC services at your home or place of business. We provide competitive rates that include:

  • First On-Site Service Hour (Not including Parts) - $55.00
  • Each Additional Hour (Charged in 1/2 Hour Increments) - $45.00
  • Travel Charges from Office May Apply - 15 Miles or Less - Free 
Laptop Repair

In-Shop Repair Service

You may also bring your PC or laptop to our shop, and pick it up when the repairs are completed. As a free service, we thoroughly clean all PCs brought into our shop with high-pressure air. Our affordable in-shop rate is $40.00 per hour plus parts.

Virus & Malware Removal

Due to the lengthy process of virus and malware removal from PCs and laptops, it is best done in the shop environment. Normally, 6 to 8 hours of scanning, restarting, and re-scanning may be required.

  • First we back up the users' data folders
  • We use Multiple Scanning Programs to Thoroughly Remove Viruses & Malware.
  • We Install Selected Utility Programs to Optimize your PC or Laptop for Best Performance - Free
  • A typical flat rate charge for virus removal, cleaning and optimization would be an $80.00 charge (2 hours).

Remote Assistance over the Internet

You don't have to come to our shop and we don't have to come to your location to do a PC or laptop repair. If you are able to get on the internet we are able to assist you remotely for a great price. We charge $40 per hour, divided into 30-minute increments.

In-Shop Flat-Rate PC Services

Save on computer maintenance and repairs by bringing your machine to us. Many flat-rate services are available for in-shop work. This can be more economical than on-site services.

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